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For Duct Cleaning Services, High Efficiency Air Filters or Carbon Monoxide Detectors, give us a call!

For Service on an existing air conditioning or heating product or to arrange for an estimate on new equipment please call us at our main office telephone number:
972 - 223 - 6410

At Pape Service Company, we are always looking for ways to improve and better serve our customers. We have a new generation of air filters to offer.

Today’s Air Filters are much better than before and these high efficiency filters are very affordable as well. Expensive “air filtration systems” are being peddled by some companies like Vacuum Cleaners and Encyclopedias were sold in the past but if you want a good filter at a decent price, call us and don’t fall for those high pressure sales tactics. (Every legitimate contractor has the products that are being sold so don’t let anyone claim they have a unique product you can’t get anywhere else.)

If your system has operated with a standard filter for a long period of time, or if the filter has not always fit properly, cleaning of your ducts might be necessary. We use a Rotobrush system that vacuums the ducts at the point where brushing is occurring. This system is very practical for small commercial and residential duct cleaning. With larger commercial systems, we can employ the use of larger “Power Vac” equipment and cleaning procedures.

Our Rotobrush system also includes the use of a video camera (Roto-Vision) to inspect the interior sections of the duct for proper cleaning and to enable the location of defects in the ducts at the same time. Feel free to take a look at the RotoBrush Web site for a peak at the equipment and cleaning process we can do for you.

So give me a call or email to get a free estimate, schedule an appointment or ask more questions!
Thank You! Stephen Pape

CONTACT US 972-223-6410
Pape Air Conditioning Service Company supports the local communities in which we serve and also supports improvements within the industry. We are members of the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, and the Glenn Heights Chamber of Commerce.

We also are active members of the North Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association (TACCA), and the National Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA). Our family and employees serve in many civic and educational positions including; State Legislative Chairman for TACCA, Board of Directors for NT ACCA, Board of Directors for TACCA, a Founder and Board of Director for the Red Oak ISD Education Foundation. Other involvement includes Board and Officer positions for various municipal, school, church, and industry related organizations. We care about our community and we will continue to make it a good place for everyone to live and work.

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