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Carrier Rated “Best Buy”
by Consumers Digest
(Syracuse, N.Y., April 22, 2003) – “The American consumer is besieged by all kinds of claims and counter-claims in a complex and very competitive marketplace,” says Randy Weber, Publisher, Consumers Digest magazine, in a recent letter to Carrier President Geraud Darnis.
So when Consumers Digest magazine, a trusted resource of product research and testing information, rates a product a “Best Buy,” it carries weight. The Best Buy recognition “Cuts through the confusion by directing consumers toward superior values from among all models available to them,” says Weber. “Those products, therefore, gain greater acceptance from the millions of consumers whose final purchase decisions are guided by this designation.”

Recognizing that Carrier was the first company to develop air conditioners using Puron, the editors of Consumers Digest selected the WeatherMaker with Puron Refrigerant model 38TXA central air conditioner as a “Best Buy” in its May/June issue. Also recognized as “Best Buys” are the new Solaire window/room air conditioner, model ACA051T, and the 33,500 BTU model HCA343D.

“The Consumers Digest ‘Best Buy’ designation has high visibility and credibility with homeowners, and will no doubt create increased awareness and interest in our products,” says Rick Roetken, Carrier Brand Manager.

See the original article at Carrier's Web Site


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