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Are you loosing money due to “leaky ducts”? We can help you by finding and repairing those expensive leaks once and for all.
Introducing the new innovative 'Duct Detective' duct pressure/flow testing service.

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At Pape Service Company, we are always looking for ways to improve and better serve our customers. This does not always include repairing or replacing air conditioning equipment. As part of this ongoing effort we now offer duct leak testing because we have found a reliable way to determine which systems are leaking and then to locate those leaks and eliminate them.

Duct Leak Testing steps:

We cover the supply and return air grills in your home with a thin “mask” to block air flow through the grills while testing.
We connect a calibrated fan to the duct system and measure the air flow through this fan at the typical pressure the system operates at.
Based on the measured air flow into the duct system with the outlets covered, we calculate the loss that is directly related to leaks in the duct system. While no loss is ideal, a maximum of 10% is the target for a duct system that is considered efficient today.
When excess leakage is detected, we go looking for the leaks and begin making repairs until the 10% maximum is obtained. Most of the repairs can be made at very little additional expense to the customers and no billable expense is made without your prior authorization.
After the test, the grill “mask” is removed from each grill and the calibrated fan is removed.

Sounds simple? It should because it really is very simple. Most leaks in your attic are sealed using a brushed on soft paste or mastic that hardens over time and lasts much longer than the duct tapes and calks of the past. This is applied in your attic or furnace closet just like paint on an old barn. Some repairs are made using a special foil tape in places where the mastic might not be appropriate. No high technology process is usually needed other than the test itself.

So why is it FREE for 31 ONCOR customers? Because ONCOR has a rebate program that is covering all the costs of testing (as long as the repairs are made to reach the target efficiency). Since they only pay on repaired systems, we are ‘experimenting’ with the free offer on 31 only. However, we may find that we can offer the FREE test for more customers in the future if we continue to find that most homes need duct repairs and customers, once aware of the need, are willing to pay for the needed repairs. While we love our customers, we also like to eat, so we will always want to make a little on each job whether paid by ONCOR or by our satisfied customers.

How long does the typical Leak test job take? Preparing a system for testing, doing the test, and removing the grill “masks” after the test takes about one hour for each system. Additional time for sealing leaks is directly tied to where and how big the leaks are when we locate them.

Can all systems be repaired to a satisfactory level? No, unfortunately some systems are so leaky that abandonment of some of the duct runs or chases is the most practical action. In fact, we are finding a surprising number of systems with major leaks allowing large amounts of attic air to be pulled into the system and blown directly into the homes. In this case, quite often the best option is to abandon the entire return inlet and cut a new dedicated inlet in the ceiling of a hall or corridor. The typical cost for this type of repair is $250 to $400 depending on size and location but the rewards of cleaner air and lower utility bills should make this expense worthwhile.

Can a non ‘all electric’ ONCOR customer have the test and repair done? Absolutely Yes, a system with a gas furnace is just as likely to leak as an ‘all electric’ system. Unfortunately, the rebate from ONCOR is structured so that we need to charge a fee for the test. We will gladly provide you with a price for testing prior to doing any work and if leaks are found, we will also provide you with a repair estimate prior to commencing any billable repairs.

So give me a call or email to schedule an appointment or ask more questions!
Stephen Pape

Pape Air Conditioning Service Company supports the local communities in which we serve and also supports improvements within the industry. We are members of the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, and the Glenn Heights Chamber of Commerce.

We also are active members of the North Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association, Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association (TACCA), and the National Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA). Our family and employees serve in many civic and educational positions including; State Legislative Chairman for TACCA, Board of Directors for NT ACCA, Board of Directors for TACCA, a Founder and Board of Director for the Red Oak ISD Education Foundation. Other involvement includes Board and Officer positions for various municipal, school, church, and industry related organizations. We care about our community and we will continue to make it a good place for everyone to live and work.

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